We Appreciate the ICB Community Partners

Take a Stand

Anti-Bullying Workshop

for Middle School Students

Thompson School District

Middle Schools

September 20-21, 2016

Intercultural Community Builders received a grant from the Kristi Visocky Memorial Fund to finance the Take A Stand Anti-Bullying Workshop for middle school students. ICB partnered with the Thompson School District E.A.R.S.S. program to conduct a 2-day workshop for 15 students from each of the five Thompson Middle Schools. Brandon Harrington from the Harrington Arts Alliance in Loveland joined the ICB facilitators, E.A.R.S.S. staff Raquel Macias, Matthew Hughes and Susan DeHerrera to work with the 75 middle school students. The next Find Your Voice-Take a Stand Anti-Bullying Workshop for middle school students is scheduled for January 5-6, 2017, at the Vineyard Church of the Rockies in Fort Collins.  

Thompson School District

T-Town Leadership Camps

Through a special Colorado Department of Education grant, the Thompson School District EARSS program has partnered with ICB to provide leadership workshops for middle and high school students around the themes of cultural inclusion, leadership, and empowerment.  ICB will also provide a 2-day staff development workshop for Thompson School District staff in February 2015.


RamCo Coordinators: Enrique Carbajal-CSU Puksta Scholar,

Tim Gold-CSU Puksta Scholar, Jose Sandoval- Lincoln MS Counselor, Salome' Cardona-ICB Board Member & CSU Access Center staff, Not Pictured: Tyler Cox-CSU Puksta Scholar, and Carol Miller, ICB Director 

Pride in the Park

In 2013 and 2015, ICB hosted a booth at the Pride in the Park Fairs, to show our support for and network with the Fort Collins GLBT community and to share the ICB mission with those who attended. 

Peace in the Park

ICB has hosted a booth at the Loveland, Colorado Peace in the Park Fair for two years.  The youth in the photos are coloring "Feel Good" post cards to give to someone they care about.

RamCo is a partnership between Colorado State University, Lincoln IB Middle School, and Intercultural Community Builders, with the primary goal of empowering middle school students to pursue post secondary education.  Initiated by Colorado State University Puksta Scholarship students, RamCo goals established by the CSU student mentors are:

  • Promote higher education

  • Provide resources to middle school mentees

  • Gain mentoring skills & experience

  • Strenthen community ties

  • Build networks within the community

  • Become involved

  • Develop workshops for the middle school mentees

CSU student mentors met weekly with Lincoln Middle School 8th grade students to explore career options and post secondary school opportunities, and to develop their personal portfolios.  

Brenda Guzman, Emma Pattison, Audrey, Gary & Jen Stephenson, Lorna Greene