Endorsements / Vision Statements

2012  Fort Collins, Colorado

Human Relations Commission Award


                                             Intercultural Community Builders is the proud recipient of the 2012 Fort Collins 

                                             Human Relations Commission Award for community organizations.

Teen Workshop Evaluations


This workshop is something that I have done for the past 4 years of my life, and it really helps me to make the right decisions culturally and ethically.  This program has made me proud of who I am and proud of my ethnic group and culture.

                  - Kevin Kang,

                Poudre High School                      


I would recommend the Intercultural Leadership Skills for Teens to others because it was a great experience and motivated me to make a change.


                       - Monica Longoroia

                           Erie High School

Yes! Yes! Yes! I would recommend the Teen Leadership Workshop to others. This has been an amazing opportunity that has changed many perspectives and opens up new doors to what our school can become!


                   - Shania Vigil

                     Adams City High School            

Participant Vision Statements

I vow to use kindness, creativity, and intelligence to grow, lead, and empower others to spark a revolution against hatred and intolerance; leaving a mark and changing the world.  

                  - Hannah Weaver,

                    Colorado Early

                    College High School


I will use my motivation, dedication and commitment to empower, inspire, advise others in their becoming conscious of their actions, words and thoughts, also personal empowerment for all.


                   - Noor Shangolo

               Adams City High School

I will use my patience, kindness, and intelligence to teach, help, and develop others in their having friendlier, 

happier, loving cultural relationships.


                   -Pamela Salcedo,

                    Basalt High School


 I will use my kindness, intelligence and passion to inspire, support, and help others in their becoming creators of a world of peace.                                                      
                            - Victor Palmer,                                    Adams City High School

I will use my creativity, kindness and intelligence to educate, empower, and inspire others in their becoming culturally inclusive, understanding of others, and promoting racial equality.


                              - Thomas Gira,

                              Lesher Middle School

I will use my communication skills, intelligence, and understanding to mentor, heal, and encourage others in their becoming healthy, happy, and fulfilled members of our society.


                        - August Martin, 

                    Colorado State

                    University Student

I will use my caring heart, my open-minded outlook, and knowledge to prevent bullying and fighting at school, and to do this, I would have to be a leader to encourage others to do good choices.  I want others to cooperate with each other by being more friends than enemies; also, I would want more respect between everybody.


                      - Karen Torales,

                        Lincoln Middle School