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  1. Facilitator Manual (168 pages)
  2. Power Point CD
  3. Participant Workbook (61 pages)


The Intercultural Leadership: Skills for Teens curriculum contains interactive lessons and activities based on the nine characteristics of an interculturally skillful teen leader.


Interculturally Skillful Teen Leaders –

  • Increase their understanding of their own cultural heritage.
  • Develop a positive cultural self-concept.
  • Learn about cultures different from their own.
  • Serve as cultural mediators for those new to their cultural groups.
  • Work on eliminating bullying, prejudice, and intolerance.
  • Create inclusive, welcoming environments.
  • Are opinion leaders and positive role models for others.
  • Develop a personal vision that guides them.
  • Facilitate positive change through action planning and intercultural partnerships.


The Intercultural Leadership: Skills for Teens is an excellent resource for teachers, counselors, church youth groups, scouts, and other youth organizations. The activities can be used at weekly meetings, 1 to 3 day workshops, or overnight retreats. Directions are easy to follow and can be facilitated by most adults and teens. The appendix contains get-acquainted, team building, and energizing break activities. 


This workshop is something that I have done for the past 4 years of my life, and it really helps me to make the right decision culturally and ethically. This program has made me proud of who I am and proud of my ethnic group and culture.” – Kevin, High School Student

Intercultural Leadership: Skills for Teens [Facilitator Kit]

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