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Intercultural Community Builders workshops teach intercultural competency skills that


  • promote understanding and acceptance of individual cultural differences, and

  • improve people's ability to interact and work together more effectively for the benefit of the entire community.

ICB workshops are developed and conducted by culturally diverse, certified facilitators and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Be Kind - Be a PAL
PAL = Positive Acts of Love


The Be Kind - Be a PAL program is designed for grades 4 to 6. A core group of elementary school students and staff are trained in facilitation skills so that they can conduct their own 1-day Be Kind - Be a PAL workshop that focuses on Being Kind to Yourself, Being Kind to Others, and Creating a School Culture of Kindness.

The photos on the left are Be Kind - Be a PAL facilitators from Oasis Elementary School, in Twentynine Palms California.

Intercultural Leadership Skills for Teens

This 3-day workshop teaches young people strategies that promote positive intercultural interactions.  Workshop objectives are:

  • Teens will increase their understanding and appreciation of their own culture.

  • Teens will improve their ability to work and interact with people from other cultures.

  • Teens will learn strategies for reducing the impact of prejudice, oppression, and bullying.

  • Teens will learn and practice leadership skills to assist them in promoting positive intercultural relationships in their own schools and communities

Culturally diverse students work in small groups on the lessons and activities in the Intercultural Leadership Skills for Teens Participant Workbook.  ICB trained teen and adult facilitators lead each lesson with the focus being  to help participants find their voice to speak up against bullying and discrimination and to actively work on creating schools and communities where every person feels safe, welcomed and supported.

ICB Find Your Voice August 2018-2.jpg
Find Your Voice - Take a Stand
Anti-Bullying Workshop for Middle Schools

This 2-day workshop focuses on helping students develop a Culture of Kindness at their schools. Workshop Objectives are:

  • Students will learn the characteristics and behaviors of bullying victims, bullies, and bystanders (passive bullies and helper friends), including cyber-bullying.

  • Teens will develop a more positive self-concept and stronger personal boundaries that will help them eliminate the negative impact of bullying behaviors targeted at them.

  • Students will learn leadership skills that will help them build safer and more welcoming environments in their schools and communities.

  •  Students will create action plans that help eliminate all forms of bullying behaviors in their schools and provide positive support to students who have been the victims of bullying behaviors.

PAS - Parenting for Academic Success
Train the Trainers

Parenting for Academic Success is a resource manual for school and non-profit agency staff who work with parents. The PAS manual has curriculum lessons with English and Spanish power point slides that accompany each lesson, and parent workbooks written in English and Spanish. Lessons activities & resources from the ten PAS units are designed to assist parents in working with their children from infants through high school.

ICB conducts train the trainers workshops on how to effectively use the PAS curriculum.

ICB PAS BOCES Sept 2017-2.jpg
Advanced Intercultural Skills


This workshop uses real-life scenarios and simulations to assist participants in exploring. understanding and applying deeper level intercultural skills that impact our daily interactions with others. 

The objectives of the Advanced Intercultural Skills workshop are:


  • Participants will increase their abilities to understand and work with people from collective and individualistic cultures.

  • Participants will identify the Cultural Iceberg skills needed to be successful in the culture of their organization/school.

  • Participants will examine how intercultural skills can be used to enhance performance outcomes and reduce the harmful effects of institutional oppression.

Completing a foundational skills workshop is helpful but not required for participants in the Advanced Intercultural Skills workshop.

Customized Workshops


ICB workshops can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization - from a 1-2 hour interactive presentation to a 3-day workshop that addresses current challenges your organization is facing related to cultural diversity.  Some workshop topics for you to consider are:


  • Assessing Your Work Environment/School for Intercultural Skillfulness

  • Cultivating World Unity

  • Developing a Culturally Skillful Work Team

  • Mentoring Culturally Diverse Youth

  • Working with Culturally Diverse Families

  • Facilitator Certification: Foundational Intercultural Skills

  • ​Facilitator Certification: Intercultural Leadership Skills for Teens

  • Facilitator Certification: Advanced Intercultural Skills

Contact the ICB Director Carol Miller at (970)689-0226 or by email at for more information.

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