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  1. Facilitator Manual (160 pages)
  2. Power Point CD in English and Spanish                                                              
  3. Parent Workbook in English (92 pages)
  4. Parent Workbook in Spanish (Los Padres Para el Exito Academico Libro de Trabajo de los Padres)   


The Parenting for Academic Success (PAS) curriculum is a series of ten units containing practical information and interactive activities developed to teach families the skills they need to:

  • Provide their children with a home environment that promotes learning.
  • Effectively monitor the performance of their children’s schools.
  • Take a more active role on their children’s educational team.
  • Help prepare their children for post-secondary education and the workforce,
  • Ensure that their children’s academic success will lead to high school graduation.


PAS lessons are based on Building Blocks that lead to Academic Success:

  • Families as First Teachers of Their Children
  • The Importance of Academic Success
  • Self-Concept and School Achievement
  • Teaching Your Children Communication Skills
  • Teaching our Children Decision-Making Skills
  • Creating a Learning Environment at Home
  • Working Through Obstacles to Academic Success
  • Parents’ Role on the Educational Team
  • Understanding the School System
  • Preparing for Post-Secondary Education & the Workforce

Parenting for Academic Success: Facilitator Kit

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