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Includes: Parent Workbook in English (92 pages) OR Spanish (Los Padres Para el Exito Academico Libro de Trabajo de los Padres)   


The Parenting for Academic Success (PAS) curriculum is a series of ten units containing practical information and interactive activities developed to teach families the skills they need to:

  • Provide their children with a home environment that promotes learning.
  • Effectively monitor the performance of their children’s schools.
  • Take a more active role on their children’s educational team.
  • Help prepare their children for post-secondary education and the workforce,
  • Ensure that their children’s academic success will lead to high school graduation.


PAS lessons are based on Building Blocks that lead to Academic Success:

  • Families as First Teachers of Their Children
  • The Importance of Academic Success
  • Self-Concept and School Achievement
  • Teaching Your Children Communication Skills
  • Teaching our Children Decision-Making Skills
  • Creating a Learning Environment at Home
  • Working Through Obstacles to Academic Success
  • Parents’ Role on the Educational Team
  • Understanding the School System
  • Preparing for Post-Secondary Education & the Workforce

Parenting for Academic Success: Workbook (English or Spanish)

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