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ICB Mission


Building communities where people from all cultural backgrounds

feel welcomed and included and are encouraged, supported

and empowered to reach their full potential.

ICB Goals

Provide intercultural skill building and prejudice reduction workshops to:

  • Help educators and agency staff become more effective and successful in working with culturally diverse students and clients


  • Help students, families, and agency clients become more skillful and successful in working within, mainstream system cultures.


Collaborate with other non-profit organizations, schools and government agencies to organize workshops in their communities.

Affordable Fees

Provide intercultural skill building workshops at a minimal, affordable cost to participants.

Cultivating World Unity

Cultivating World Unity is an ICB online program  open to youth ages 11 to 17 years who desire to help build a rich and vibrant community culture. The unit topics of this 4 week program are: Understanding the Importance of One's Culture, Creating Inclusive, Welcoming Environments, Eliminating Prejudice and Discrimination, and Youth Leadership in a Culturally Diverse World. Class information -

July 13 to August6, 2020 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week

12:00 Noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Registration Fee: $25.00    Scholarships to pay the registration fee are available.

The class zoom identification code will be emailed to students who register for the class. 

Registration Link:

704 Greenbriar Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80524

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